Ultraviolet tattoos, invisible tattoos, or glow-in-the-dark tattoos have emerged as an excellent way to put a vibrant spin on the conventional ink. Most people think that this particular tattoo style creates an ever-glowing design, but it only glows under a blacklight. If that’s the case, then why would you get such a tattoo?


What are Ultraviolet Tattoos?

The term glow-in-the-dark tattoo relates to tattoos that are made with fluorescent, vivid colors that are difficult to see in the daylight. However, these tattoos don’t live up to their names, as they won’t automatically glow in the dark.  Rather they need a blacklight to trigger the glowing reaction because of UVA lights emitted by the tattoo.

How Safe UV Tattoos Are?

The FDA has not approved UV ink for use on humans. Some advertisements may suggest that this ink is safe, but it has been approved only for use in fishing and agriculture. Safe use of this ink on humans has not been proven.

Earlier, artists were using ink solutions with phosphorus and conventional pigments, and it was considered very dangerous because phosphorus is a carcinogen and causes skin conditions. But such practices do not exist in the industry, and they are considered safe as a normal tattoo but those are only expeculations, not scientifically proven yet.

How are UV tattoos applied?

UV tattoos are applied in the same way that regular tattoos are applied. However, they require more skill and take more time to apply. One of the things that makes applying a UV tattoo more difficult is the fact that a black light needs to be available and often used to ensure that the tattoo is being applied properly. Also, the ink is thinner, which makes it more difficult to work with. It is also more difficult to blend the colors.

How Long They Last?

UV tattoos last just as long as regular tattoos, as long as you follow the necessary aftercare steps and choose the right artists using UV-reactive pigments. Just like conventional tattoos, glow-in-the-dark tattoos will also fade gradually over time, but never disappear in their entirety.


There are several arguments from experts on the safety of glow-in-the-dark or UV tattoos because of the probable use of toxic ingredients in many places. Like other tattoos, UV tattoos should also have health warnings like all other tattoos. So research the best shops in your area until you find the right place with artists experienced in UV Tattoos.