Tattoos and piercings are both body modifications that are attached to personal style and
are also a form of self-expression.

People dedicate a lot of time to choosing and getting their tattoos and piercings, so it is
important to take into consideration your opinions, and your pain tolerance levels, and make
sure that you are absolutely in love with the idea of your tattoo or piercing.
You need to remember that tattoos are permanent body modifications, while piercings are
semi-permanent and permanent. If you are planning on getting a tattoo and piercings soon,
we have some ideas that you can use as inspiration to make your personal style more fluid.

Choosing a tattoo style:
This step should come first because tattoos are a permanent fixture and will shape your
future style. Whereas with piercings, you can always change up the jewelry you wear to suit
your mood or vibe.
There are many tattoo styles to choose from, and while at the end of the day, it is your
choice, you should do a lot of research on the type of tattoos you are getting, especially if
you are choosing a style that has cultural significance that you are not aware of.
Some styles include Japanese, Tribal, American traditional, watercolor, blackwork, modern,
fine line, and color ink tattoos.
If you are planning on getting many tattoos in the future, it would be aesthetically pleasing to
follow a theme and continue to get the same style of tattoos. But at the end of the day, you
should get what is meaningful for you.
The next step would be to try and find piercings placements and jewelry to complement your
style of tattoos.

What jewelry will work best with your tattoos:
The most important part of creating a cohesive style with your tattoos and piercings is to use
jewelry in the same color. Stainless steel jewelry comes in standard silver, but nowadays
they are plated to come in colors like gold, black, rose gold, and in a rainbow oil slick hue.
There is jewelry made out of other materials like acrylic, wood, and glass that also come in a
variety of colors that make it easy to match your theme.

Next to consider is the style of jewelry you want to use, there are studs with flatbacks,
captive bead rings, ear gauges. For certain piercings, there are specific types of jewelry that
need to be used. These are perfect if you want to go for subtlety with your piercings.
However, if you want to make more of an impact, the jewelry you use does not need to be
plain and simple. There are types with charms or gems on them, they are shaped differently
or they have spikes instead of a ball enclosure on the end. There is also hanging jewelry
made to weigh more, to facilitate the ear stretching process while looking amazing at the
same time.

When you decide to get a piercing or tattoo, you need to remember that it can be a reflection
of who you are and your personal style. You should take into consideration your personal
opinion and preferences when getting one done. But taking inspiration and advice should be
welcomed to help make your decisions.
Simple things like sticking to a tattoo theme, and making sure that your piercings are made
in the same color can make your style more cohesive and even an inspiration to others.